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    This Blog is getting an overhaul

    I’m changing the name, and theme of my blog and website. NetworkKnerd is no more, and I’m (slowly) moving everything to Hop16. Mostly because I was tired of NetworkKnerd, but also because my focus on Routing and Switching has been less and less over the years as I’ve transitioned into…

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    Windows Server in GNS3

    *UPDATE* After tinkering around with Spice and QXL VGA driver, I’ve found that increases performance exponentially as well. Update highlighted below. How I get a Windows guest running smoothly in GNS3 using virtIO drivers, sysprep, and creating a linked base. This can be especially useful for testing FirePOWER services, integrating…

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    I’m Alive!!

    Just thought that’d be worth sharing… I guess. CCIE Security studies have been consuming most of my time. However, I’m just about at the point where I can publish some stuff. I’ve had drafts for my FlexVPN with dynamic spoke-to-spoke tunnels sitting in draft for months now. So that’ll likely…

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    Using VXLAN to extend my home lab

    So first off, I recently had a change of heart. While I still love Service Provider, I’m continually being pulled in for Security work. So, I’ve decided to stop resisting and follow the current. That said, CCIE Security (both v4 and v5) have some heavy demands. While my home server…

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    The way forward

    Blog.. TRANSFORMATION TIME!! Thanks to my long-time, and very good friend Steve Occhiogrosso (found here at ccie-or-null.net) I think I finally have a way forward. Since I passed my lab, you know WAY back in April, I’ve been feeling a bit empty. Just dying to be working on something new…

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    CSR1000v and GNS3, best thing?

    Really quick post today about integrating the CSR1000v into GNS3. First up! Why would you want to do this?  Latest greatest IOS  Feature packed (supports VXLAN, OTV, MPLS, VPLS, and a ton more) What do you want from me? Those first two should be enough. Video at the bottom for…

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    GNS3 All the Things!!

    Coming soon, I’m going to do a short video series about getting all your favorite VIRL appliances (vNX-OS, ASAv, IOS-XR, vIOS, and vIOS-L2) running in GNS3. So you can enjoy all the power of a modern virtual lab, without the overhead from OpenStack (what VIRL runs on).