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Fun with MPLS – Part 2/’however many of these I feel like doing’

It’s been a peaceful couple weeks at iHatethisjob INC., perhaps too peaceful… Come to think of it you haven’t had ANY calls. Seeing as you’re Xbox is broken, and you’re all caught up on Downton Abbey (don’t lie to yourself), you decide to investigate. First things first you try to ping the PBX over in Carmel from Delaware, to your horror pings are timing out. After logging into the Delaware MPLS router you see that Carmel’s subnet shows as an Inter-Area route, this is not the way you left it.  After some troubleshooting you see that no traffic is reachable over the MPLS backbone, and people from the Carmel office have discovered cells phones. Peace and quiet gone you call up the SP to get to the bottom of this, before getting your first sentence out the solutions engineer confesses that one of the Security techs made some configuration changes and now nothing works. 

Your mission, fix the provider network (again) and restore connectivity between both sites. Insure that remote prefixes from both sites show as OSPF Intra-area routes. Also, don’t be cheap, follow these restrictions:

– You may not add any new interfaces.
– You may not change any routing protocol boundaries.
– No static routing is allowed.
– You may not enable any additional routing protocols.

– When possible, avoid disabling features. 




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