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VPLS BGP Signaling (this is really cool)

So, a while back (~ a year ago now) I did a YouTube video/blog post about having a sort of hacked VPLS environment in GNS3. Why?! Because it’s awesome to have a multi-point l2vpn running over MPLS, that’s why. 
Today, I bring you a post/video that’s far from a hack. Full on VPLS using my best friend the CSR1000v, and using BGP for signaling.

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  1. Hi
    Sorry for my english, i'm french…
    We can't see taller your movie 🙁

    I do a simulation with gns3 of VPLS with 3 CSR1000V and 17 7200 router, it's OK 🙂

  2. If you have a CCO account, you can just download it from Google "csr1000v-universalk9.03.16.02.S.155-3.S2-ext.iso" first link should be to

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